Cash Advance Software

The easy way to manage your deferral business

Whether you call them deferred deposits, cash advances or payday loans our Payday Quick Loan SoftwareIvyTekPDQ was designed by IvyTek specifically to meet your business needs.

Simply enter either the face amount of the check or the amount to customer and let our deferred deposit software do the calculating.  You can even set up your own standard deferral packages.

IvyTekPDQ will expedite processes for:

bullet Collecting customer information
bullet Posting payments
bullet Balancing cash
bullet Calculating percentage rebates and fees
bullet Printing contracts, disclosures and checks
bullet Reporting to third party credit services

Custom Reports

IvyTekPDQ will track activity affecting your bottom line with custom reports designed by you.  Included are many standard reports providing details on activities for any day or period between two dates.

Cash Drawers

IvyTekPDQ full featured cash drawers module handles check cashing including fees, drawer transfers and other cash balancing activity for up to nine separate cash drawers.

Search Features

IvyTekPDQ search features are quick and will save you time.  You can find accounts by simply entering three or more characters in the customer’s name, an account number, social security number or telephone number.

Ledger Cards

IvyTekPDQ can be used as a ledger-less system or you can chose to print customer ledger cards.

Check Book

Use the IvyTekPDQ check book feature for tracking disbursement activity, writing miscellaneous checks, making deposits, and adjusting balances.  Five separate bank accounts may be set up. The check book feature can also be set up for combined use with other IvyTek products.

Security Features

A password protected IvyTekPDQ menu offers access to options for voiding payments, crediting accounts, changing due dates or revising the loan status.

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